The Mukashafat blog amplifies voices from within our community seeking accountability for leaders and institutions that represent us. Muslims have a responsibility to speak out on corruption, abuse, and bigotry – including and especially when it happens within our own community.

We sadly have no shortage of internal challenges. Yet many of us are afraid to speak out publicly because of fears of being ostracized and sometimes even threatened by extremists. Our silence is not healthy. It has to end.

All of us have stories to share: personal encounters with corruption, discrimination, or abuse. Mukashafat is a place where people can talk about their experiences and point out examples where our leaders have failed to do the right thing. It is also a place to recognize community members who have broken the silence when they see injustice and demand accountability for failures.

Mukashafat is about coming together and not feeling isolated any longer. By connecting the dots between our individual stories we can start to identify patterns of abuse and come up with potential solutions. In this way some positive steps can be taken to improve the community for everyone.

Mukashafat’s dream is to leave for our children community institutions that meet the standards of any other community in America. Our children should be proud to have leaders who:

  • Uphold honesty and consistency in words and deeds
  • Maintain transparency in financial dealings and management practices
  • Encourage open dialogue and constructive criticism
  • Promote genuine tolerance and respect for diverse views, sects, races, genders
  • Take responsibility for failures that happen on their watch
  • Remain accountable to the local community – not foreign funders and overseas ideological movements

If you have a story to share – or if you are aware of any factual mistakes on Mukashafat – please be in contact.