Anonymous Donations & The Ongoing Fear Factor

I am still exhausted from this challenging time, but I can’t help myself and have to post quickly about the Hassan Shibley scandal Halima has been covering. I have seen some men’s lives ruined after being falsely accused by vindictive ex’s. And I have seen men do horrible things to their wives. Who knows what the truth is here?

Actually what stands out to me about the scandal is all the anonymous donations on the GoFundMe campaign for Shibley’s wife. My rough estimate is that 60% of the donations are anonymous, including the top 10 donors:

Many people are clearly afraid to be seen in any way opposing a powerful CAIR leader. In full honesty, this includes yours truly. I am too afraid to dare to use my real name in my writing. We are deeply worried about the hassle and consequences of daring to speak out.

So we have inside our community a silent majority that lives in fear of directly opposing corrupt but powerful leaders. Will all that change in 2021?

Anyway hats off to the donors who felt comfortable enough to list their names. They are braver than I am.

Among those who aren’t afraid, some have a few spicy things to say about the group, and its approach. This brings up the memory of a scene from one of my favorite comedies – “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” –  with the dad applying Windex to any problem he wants to solve — CAIR’s Windex being Islamophobia:

Then you have the ladies with a sense of humor mocking CAIR’s dishonesty and incompetence, so they went and wrote the statement that CAIR is supposed to issue but will never do:

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  1. What if we hide our names because we consider donations to fund raise as a sadaka and we hide our names as sadaka is best hidden. This is what I usually do whenever I donate to any fundraise regardless of the cause of the fundraise.
    Also, if I know the person, I hide my name to save his face if we met by chance and not get him embarrassed. When I hide my name in any fund raise, I never know that someone will associate it with fear or jump to your conclusion !

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