More Textbook Trash: Making Kids Afraid of Christians

Thanks to all the readers who are sending in materials from their children’s textbooks. It’s important that we as parents know that our children are being taught. We have been busy and not been able to post everything yet. Please know that we are looking over every item and hope to have more posts up soon.

Here is one item in the meantime. It comes from Debbie in California. We will let her speak for herself.

“I am a Christian woman married to a Muslim man. We are raising our children Muslim, but of course with warm feelings for their Christian grandparents, aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. We make a point of joining my extended family for Christmas every year. And I’m very grateful that my parents and siblings are generally welcoming of us

“So you can imagine my shock at discovering that our son’s textbook is promoting hate against Christianity. Now I get that every religion thinks it’s the best and I know what some loud-mouth pastors say about Islam. But I never imagined that in my son’s religious studies classroom he would be taught that Christianity isn’t a religion – and that Christians are a menacing influence who time and again refuse to convert and betray Muslims.

“Look, I’m a Christian mother who has not chosen to convert, even as I’m raising Muslim children. I am horrified that the textbook would sow such distrust among children, who otherwise would get along great with their non-Muslims relatives and friends. Please see the attached pictures from the books. And please help!”

The greatest sin of all . . . is to be a Christian! (if you worship Jesus)

Christianity is not a true religion.

How did the Christians invent a book of their own

Debbie, thank you for sounding the alarm about this material. Instead of teaching children to make informed choices and be respectful of differences, the textbook is breeding bigotry.