Did Malik Faisal Akram Have No Mother?

I am of course heartbroken by the synagogue hostage-taking in Texas. As a Pakistani, it hurts even more that once again our good name has been sullied by crazy people who take things too far. It’s a reminder we need to be much more careful about how we talk. We don’t always really mean what we say, and our language can sometimes get carried away. Then all it takes is one person without a filter to take us literally. And the next thing you know people are dead and Islam once again looks like an aggressive faith. We become the victims of our own mistakes.

In that spirit, I am looking at the death announcement from Akram’s community in Blackburn England. Take a look at their Facebook post below and see if you can tell what’s missing:

Aside from the fact they are honoring a terrorist, where are the women? This is insane.

I don’t think it is because Akram’s mother is embarrassed. More likely it’s what my Iranian friends tell me happens there, with obituaries leaving out mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters. The announcement for a woman who has passed away never includes their photo: just a rose or faceless icon in hijab.

Has this same craziness come to England?

Maan Kay paoon talay janat per ma’an hai Kahan?

Update: Blackburn Muslim Community Facebook page has removed the obituary for the Synagogue hostage taker.