Forget Feminism: Don’t Let Women Work – Textbook

“The emergence of women from the homes into the workplace has resulted in the destruction of the very moral and social fiber of the society, family life and home.

“The famous Western scholar Arnold Toynbee laments: ‘In human history the periods which have been plagued with decay and degradation are those in which women have stepped outside their homes.’ Conduct research into the above statement. Among the areas of focus could be family life both pre and post the Industrial Revolution, the disintegration of the moral fiber of society and the subsequent social ills and deficiencies that have resulted. Contrast this with the ways in which adherence to the Islamic perspective on the above safeguards against this.”

“The primary responsibility of women is that of rearing and raising a child. Her physical and psychological make-up defines this role as primary.”

“The requirement of Hijab must not be compromised and the family must not be sacrificed”

Saudi-Funded Textbook

Fariyal from the Midwest sends in these shocking textbook quotes. They come from the 12th grade level textbook of the Islamic Studies series (Part 2). The textbooks are written by the Saudi-based “International Curricula” and sold in the US by NoorArt, which seems to be the main publisher and distributer for English-language Islamic children learning school manuals.

Raised My Daughter To Be A Feminist

Fariyal writes that her teenage daughter has been outraged by the textbook: “My daughter showed me the sexist and patriarchal reactionary ideas being forced on her. I believe in the equality of the sexes and that there is more to women than simply baring babies while the men run the show. feminism is central to who I am.”

I couldn’t agree more with Fariyal, who continues:

“I raised my daughter to be a feminist and not settle for being told by men what she can and can’t do. Hearing the opposite message from a Muslim authority has devastated her. I’m worried it has made her question her Muslim faith. Now am left to pick up the shattered pieces.”

Yup. We parents are the ones who have to fix the mess these textbooks have created.

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