San Francisco Bay Area Hero Exposes Corruption in His Mosque

Dr. Aladin Aly Nassar, a Facebook engineer with a Stanford Ph.D, has done the unthinkable: He publicly exposed Islamist domination of his local community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aladin is not some outside agitator, but an insider. He’s the former chairman of the Granada Islamic School at the Muslim Community Association (MCA) in Santa Clara. He seems to be a proud American Muslim who grew disillusioned by the power abuses by MCA leaders he witnessed firsthand. And let’s be clear: what’s happening in Santa Clara is a mirror image of Muslim communities across the United States.

I don’t now Aladin personally, but I am inspired by what he has done. Unlike me, he is not afraid to put his name on his critique. It appears Aladin went public with a website called “Inside MCA” in 2011 to methodically document corruption and bigotry perpetrated by the MCA leadership. He wrote on the site his reason for speaking out:

This site is *not* against Islam – it is against groups that transgress against others under the pretext of Islam! These groups work underground and thrive in the dark away from public scrutiny. They deliberately hide their identities and group affiliations, the very tribalism Islam prohibited, to mislead the public. The majority of the MCA Community are totally unaware that the Muslim Brotherhood (using the fictious name MAS) is right here in their backyard. This site will do the public disclosures MAS and the MCA Boards are hiding from the public. The principle on this site is quite simple: if these groups are so certain they have the moral compass to represent the MCA Community, they should not be hiding this information. And if they claim they are not hiding anything, then they should not mind it being public.

Aladin points out that Islamists often hide who they really are from the public, even fellow Muslims. “Most people do not know how the Muslim Brotherhood think. to understand their mentality, you have to realize they have grown for decades underground… [they] are acutely aware they cannot possibly operate in host countries under their real names.  Solution: change names. Call it the Muslim American Society (MAS) and voila – 99% of the public are fooled by that move”.

Inside MCA shows how once the Brotherhood leaders fool local Muslims, they turn community institutions into their own local fiefdom. A lot of the site is dedicated to showing how the MCA is a mini-dictatorship run by Islamists. By exposing their corrupt tactics like election-rigging and board manipulation, he has rendered American Muslims an invaluable service by exposing how a cabal of a few dozen people control the institutions of a community of over 5,000.

As Aladin explains, “The Muslim Brotherhood is a membership-only pyramid scheme – a hierarchy of cells reporting up the chain the command.” Their critical need is to exert total control of the board of directors by populating it with a small circle of families whose members rotate between governance positions.

As a good data scientist, Aladin provides a chart to show how board elections are rigged to maintain power in the hands of the same Muslim Brotherhood insiders who easily filter out any dissidents. Its title: “How does the Muslim Brotherhood Rig MCA Elections 3rd World Style”.

The second strategy is creating the illusion of diversity of candidate choice: “The Muslim Brotherhood use the same tactics in Egypt – where defections and disagreements are staged to the public to give voters the impression they can choose from multiple sides of the spectrum when it is all just an act to mislead the voters.”  This system also allows the Brotherhood to create the illusion of ethnic diversity between Arabs and South-Asians to “delude the latter into thinking they are voting for a non-Muslim Brotherhood candidate.”

The third strategy is to restrict the voting privileges to members of MCA. As he puts it: “Here is how to verify this information: ask the MCA Board for the MCA membership list sorted by last name. You will find out of the 100 registered members are basically 20 Muslim Brotherhood families registering their spouses and children”. The result according to him means that “Out of 5,000+ MCA Community members, only 50-100 (< 1%) are MCA members – and that is by design!!  This is how the Muslim Brotherhood give themselves the majority’s vote”.

Additionally, the bylaws allow the board to change the time and location of an election without any prior notice though Article X section 4.  Aladin puts this trick in perspective for average Americans: “Imagine if you went to vote at US elections and discovered the location of your election center and the day of the elections were changed without notice!!”

Aladin also describes how the Islamists try to maintain a lock-hold on any information flow within the community: “The Muslim Brotherhood know they cannot possibly hold onto power as a minority without filtering and editing information… They seek to control is all communication channels with the public: be it khutbas (Religious Friday sermons), newsletters, websites, mailing lists”. Dissenters are never allowed a voice. “You are either with the Muslim Brotherhood or “against Muslims” – nothing in between!!”.

When that is not enough, the Brothers kick in direct intimidation tactics. “A few years ago a group of voters did exactly that and managed to register 500 voters to outvote the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood called voters to threaten them. ” Aladin pointedly asks: “how did the Muslim Brotherhood get voters’ phone numbers and addresses without their insider access to voter registration.”

Why do to all this trouble? Because, as Aladin reveals, the Brotherhood members have leveraged controlling the community into a moneymaking machine. The MCA’s budget, according to Aladin, was over $3 million dollars in 2011. “It is carefully guarded and leverage[d] exclusively by the Muslim Brotherhood to promote their agenda in the US and aboard – at the MCA Community’s expense.”

Money is raised from local Muslims in the Bay Area under the pretenses of “defending Islam and Muslims”. The money the brotherhood raises locally end up serving the Brotherhood’s self-interested international agenda. “The Muslim Brotherhood, the MCA Boards by proxy and their affiliated but seemingly unrelated organizations carefully orchestrate nation-wide fear campaigns to scare both the American and Muslim public of the so called “Islamophobia” to “milk money” to promote their agendas.  What the public do not realize is that “Islamophobia” is a construct created and exaggerated by these organizations to raise the money they so desperately need.”

None of this would be possible if there were any accountability – and so the MCA’s Brotherhood leadership blocks all internal investigations against them. But there is a catch! “The designers of the MCA Constitution devised Article XIII to allow them to investigate and remove anyone they feel like.  What the Muslim Brotherhood did not anticipate in their wildest dreams is that article can be easily be used to have them investigated, too.  So, what does the Muslim Brotherhood do? They block all investigations against them defying the rule of law and undermining the Constitution itself.”

Aladin closes his exposé with a pertinent question and a call to action: “The real question to challenge the Muslim Brotherhood with is: would you have any chance at any elections without the tactics above?  If you think you do, let us prove it.”