ISNA: Jihad, Islamic State… and Sesame Street Haram

Badr & Anees As We Knew Them Growing up in Arabic

In honor of the annual ISNA convention, we’ve been posting about Sayyid Syeed’s failed leadership for our community. First, as he became MSA president and created ISNA, Syeed was promoting armed Jihad. Then, a year later, he was hosting calls for an Islamic State at the ISNA annual convention.

If you think this sounds like a far-right Islamophobe’s how glowing stereotype of Muslim American leaders, you are correct. It’s hard to read the articles – published under Syeed’s own supervision as chairman of the MSA newsletter Islamic Horizons. You almost think they are a fabrication. Sadly, they are all too real.

And for the conspiracy theorists who wonder if Syeed is perhaps a devious Islamphobe’s sleeper agent secretly working to sully the image of Muslim Americans… well, Islamic Horizons has proudly reprinted writings by the far-right Family Research Council.

Maybe it is all a conspiracy! #Sarcasm

There are so many whoppers in the issues of Islamic Horizons. Someday I will get around to posting some more. In the meantime, here’s one last gem: Islamic Horizons going after Sesame Street. Enjoy!

Anti-Islamic values are spread even by television programs like Sesame Street, which many Muslim parents consider to be a good show for their children to watch, [Masood] Athar said. He recalled one episode in which a male bird and a female bird got closer and closer and then kissed. Seemingly innocent to many Muslims parents maybe, but, “What kind of message is the presenting to the little children” Athar asked. “I guess they’ll think it’s okay to kiss.”

Save our children from the kissing bird muppets! Otherwise they may start “drowning in the North American melting pot.”

When Sayyid Syeed’s ISNA isn’t busy advocating armed jihad and an Islamic State, they are providing us with invaluable parenting advice. Mashallah!