Textbook: Dating is For Animals


It’s no secret that in our community dating is an issue. We don’t speak about dating with our children, except perhaps to bash it. But I could not believe what Z. from Seattle (a mother of two teenagers) sent in from her children’s textbook.

“I prefer my children to be modest and I am not happy about them dating, especially in today’s high school environment. I am old-fashioned in that way, but I also believe in God’s mercy. I’m very worried about what I discovered my eldest has been told about dating in her Islamic Sunday School textbook.

Dating is compared to animal behavior, and it says even one mistake can cancel all the righteous work in one’s life. That’s a terrible thing to say to an American teenager going to public school.

I’m conservative, but this kind of extreme dogma can hurt teenagers at a critical time of emotional development. The authors are trying to scare my kids into doing the right thing. But I worry that it will either make them hate themselves or hate their religion.”

As a parent who worries about what her kids do in public school, I can relate. We want our children to be modest and not hurt themselves. But this textbook available on Amazon (Weekend Learning Series) only makes the problem worse.