Hellfire Trauma: Textbook Fear-mongering


“A lazy person who misses his or her prayers is like a rebel again Allah, and deserves to undergo the consequences of his or her disobedience. Therefore, anyone who claims to be a Muslim must realize that without Salah, his or her claim to Islam is altogether meaningless.”

“The smell of stench, rot, death and puss will fill the nostrils of the wrong-doers in Hell. There will be nothing cool or delightful except boiling muck and puss mixed with blood.”

“Bodies will be stretched, pulled and broken repeatedly and then the process will start all over again. They will be crushed to pieces in the lowest level.”

“Boiling liquid fire will be poured over them, and some will be in chains dragged through tormenting fields of fire.”

Farah, a reader on the West Coast, writes to let us know that Yahya Emerick doesn’t just tell young Muslim children about their obligation to create an Islamic state. He also brings to life a vivid vision of the hell that awaits them if they don’t meet their “Islamic” obligations.

Thank you, Farah, for bringing this aspect of Emerick’s “It’s All About Islam” textbooks to our attention. Emerick’s vivid descriptions of hell and hellfire are stunning. And deeply disturbing. Imagine the harm it does to a child to read this.Farah is worried her daughter may need to see a therapist after reading these descriptions in her school textbook. It would probably be a smart thing to do.

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