Teaching Kids that Homosexuality is Indecency


“Homosexuality is indecency: Islam does not provide us any rights to allow sexual attraction between people of the same sexes. such attraction is clearly viewed as gross indecency (Fahishah). The Western world seems to have toned down its voice against such indecency to the extent that society is ready to allow same sex couples have certain civil rights. Prophet Lut pronounced such forms of indecency an abomination. It is s sin and the punishment for such sin is severe.”

“The people of Lut were transgressors and we know their end was disastrous”

These quote are from Islamic Studies Level 9 from the same “Weekend Learning Series” another reader flagged (see post).

This was sent in by a reader from Florida not willing to reveal their identity, except that they had pulled their 9th grade child from Sunday school after discovering what was being taught. The reader shared a bit about why the textbook bothered them so much:

“Although the book has many other truly offensive ideas, the part about homosexuality landed too close home. My own brother is gay, and my children know it. My brother suffered a lot when we were kids because my parents saw him as a shame to them. I couldn’t bear the idea that my children would hate or judge their uncle – who they love dearly – just because he’s gay.”

I would like to thank our Florida reader for his/her courage in sharing this. Seeing his/her brother rejected and demonized was clearly traumatic. And I am outraged that these books are easily accessible to American kids, teaching hate at such an early age.

This is the equivalent of Christians of sending their kids to Sunday school and discovering that the textbooks were made by the Westboro Baptist Church. Letting far-right bigots teach deranged views to children is a recipe for disaster.

In mainstream American society, being gay is no longer a socially-acceptable stigma. If our kids are taught by religious authorities that gay people will be punished severely and meet a “disastrous” end, they will be confused. It’s a recipe for split-personality.

I am seeing a pattern here which makes me wonder whether I should order the entire series and take a closer look it.

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  1. And ˹remember˺ when Lot scolded ˹the men of˺ his people, ˹saying,˺ “Do you commit a shameful deed that no man has ever done before?
    You lust after men instead of women! You are certainly transgressors.”
    Quran 7:80-81

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